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Life Story | Dejehan

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7th Annual Musica Palooza

Who Are We?

The Tune In Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization and global movement that spans from North America to Africa. We believe in the purpose of every individual and that we all were born as creatives. Our mandate is to motivate creatives to tap into their limitless dreams across the globe! We use music, inspiration, & tangible developmental tools to impact creatives at their core. Our Organization is focused on youth empowerment and music education with a heart to service youth who may be disadvantaged or considered to be “at-risk”. At the Tune In Foundation, we consider these youth to be “at-opportunity” and we aim to create access to these opportunities by impacting youth through arts integrated motivational seminars in schools and other forums, as well as our annual Musica Palooza Camps throughout Ontario.


Our Mission is to Inspire the creative. Ignite the purpose.

Our Vision is to Provide a platform for Humanity to discover it's limitless creativity.


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